Give Your Behringer Synths A Facelift

US Oversynth releases Overlays For Behringer Edge and Crave      04/01/24

Give Your Behringer Synths A Facelift

Oversynth has released a series of overlay kits for the Behringer Edge and Crave synthesizers.  They say that the overlay designs range from classic black and white labeling to various color-coding options to help with sound design and live performance.  All designs use use high-contrast graphics and large fonts whenever possible for easy viewing in low light.

Each kit comes with a front panel overlay, custom-cut black vinyl strips for masking out the front and back edges of the synth, as well as a sticker showing dip-switch settings for the synth's MIDI channel.

A spokesperson told us, "Installation of the overlays is quick and easy.  Simply remove all the front panel knobs from your Crave or Edge synthesizer, apply the black vinyl strips if desired, and then attach the front panel overlay using the provided double-sided adhesive tape.  Then, put the knobs back on and enjoy." manufactures synthesizer overlays in small batches based on customer demand and offers shipping worldwide from Portland Oregon, USA.

Pricing and Availability:
Behringer Edge and Crave overlay kits are priced at $35 US dollars each.

More information:



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