Give Your Moog A Facelift

US releases Overlays for Moog Mavis and Werkstatt-01      04/08/22

Give Your Moog A Facelift has released a collection of overlays for the Moog Mavis and Werkstatt-01 analog synthesizers.

The collection features a variety of color options, large fonts, and high contrast graphics wherever possible to help with viewing in low-light.  The overlays are printed on a sturdy polyester sheet to help minimize reflections and glare.  

The overlays for Mavis are held in place by the Mavis' front panel screws and patchbay nuts so no additional adhesive is necessary.  Removal and re-tightening of the patchbay nuts and screws requires a 5/16-inch socket tool and a Phillips head screwdriver.

The overlays for the Werkstatt-01 include coverings for both the synthesizer's main panel, and the connections on the Werkstatt-01 CV Expander.  Oversynth says that installation is as simple as applying the included low-tack double-sided adhesive to the back of each overlay piece and placing them on your synthesizer.

Pricing and Availability:
Overlays for the Moog Mavis and Werkstatt-01 are available now for $30

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