LIVE BLOG: NAMM 2020 Day 4

Can't feel my feet.      19/01/20

LIVE BLOG: NAMM 2020 Day 4

Hoorah! We made it, though after last night's revelries, who knows what's going to happen. It usually goes like this, the team spend hours "relaxing" some are more "relaxed" than others.

Editor Nick, usually knows when to stop and will be not feeling like hospital would be a better option. Or maybe not. There's always a first time.

But we're done.  The team have been excellent - Rob, Edd, Andy, Gaz, Jim and Mera have all posted like demons and you should now have the NAMM 2020 boxed set to binge on as well as plenty of stuff on the blogs.

Thanks for watching and see you next year...


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