360 Performance Videos From EMOM3 - Now Available

US Zoom in and nerd out      23/10/23

One of the things we tried from our last EMOM event back in September, where had a great selection of performers, was to record 360 view videos of most of the sets.

You can zoom and pan and look wherever you want  while the performance is underway. A great way to see some of the nooks and crannies of the live setup and how it was used, and also what the shoe choice was of that person 3rd on the left in the front row. Note: best watched in 4k for highest resolution

These have been available to our Patreon supporters for some time now, and we wanted to release them to a wider audience. 

So please enjoy this playlist of performers:  Invisible Acid, Monojack, Barbers Green, Finlay Shakespeare and Battery Operated Orchestra (apologies for Liam82 fans, the camera overheated)


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