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NAMM 2020: RME Updates to ADI 2 Pro, ADI DAC and Babyface Pro

Now with FS low jitter clock
NAMM 2020: GameChanger Audio Light Pedal

Its like a spring, but not as we know it...
NAMM 2020: Show Awards

And the winner is....
NAMM 2020: AKG Lyra Ultra HD Usb Microphone

An affordable usb mic for the masses?
NAMM 2020: Behringer 2600 On The Way?

Watch the video chat with designer Rob Keeble
NAMM 2020: Behringer's 606 Clone

RD-6 analog drum machine makes its video debut
NAMM 2020: Behringer Modular Synthesizers

Take a look at the System 100 and System 55
NAMM 2020: Persp3ctive - VR Mixing System

Bring some virtual reality to your productions...
NAMM 2020: Sonicware Liven 4 Voice Digital Synth Engine

Gaz goes to see what its all about....
NAMM 2020: Austrian Audio OC818 Microphone

A mic that takes its cues from a classic AKG Mic
NAMM 2020: Loopcloud Beta 5.1 New Features

We get a look at the latest updates
NAMM 2020: Frap Audio Dynamics 2806

500 Series Compressor Expander
NAMM 2020: Lab4Music Sipario Expanded Programmable MIDI Router

All your MIDI routing in one place!
NAMM 2020: Buchla 208c With Designer Joel Davel

The run down with the designer
NAMM 2020: Electo-Smith Daisy Development Platform

An embedded platform specifically designed for audio
NAMM 2020: Five12 Vector Sequencer Updates and New Case

One sequencer to rule them all....
NAMM 2020: New From Avid

Tools 2020, S1, MTRX Studio, HDX TB3 Enclosures
NAMM 2020: Akai Force - Some Cool Performance Tips

From Nick Trikakis
NAMM 2020: This Year Is MIDI 2.0

We talk to Florian Bome
NAMM 2020: Frap Tools Brenso Complex Oscillator

A new large dual complex vco
NAMM 2020: Krotos Audio Concept - New Synth Plugin

Its all about the modulation
NAMM 2020: Doepfer Made a Joystick Controller With A New Axis!!

Another number to add to the Doepfer A-100 series
NAMM 2020: Roland TD27KV V Drums

A brand new drum module
NAMM 2020: Boss Waza Air - Headphones For Your Guitar!

An Amp built into your headphones...
NAMM 2020: Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter ZX2

Get more from your mics
NAMM 2020: Applied Acoustics Systems VA-3

Version 3 of the popular analogue emulation synth plugin
NAMM 2020: Playtime Engineering Blip Blox Afterdark Edition

The next generation of the only synthesizer made for kids...
NAMM 2020: V-Moda M-200 Headphones

New headphones for a new year
NAMM 2020: Roland V Drums Acoustic Design Series

Get the look of an acoustic drum set
NAMM 2020: Plugin Guru Unify with John Lehmkuhl

A veteran patch designers first plugin
NAMM 2020: Roswell Pro Audio Mini K87

Transformerless circuit design large diaphragm condenser mic
NAMM 2020: Roland Zen Beats - Music Creation App

We got a look at the new app from Roland
NAMM 2020: Korg Wavestate With Nick Kwas

Nick was on hand to give us a deeper look
NAMM 2020: Imitone Voice to MIDI

Translates your voice into MIDI data
NAMM 2020: Rhythmo BeatBox Drum Machine

A DIY MIDI controller made from cardboard
NAMM 2020: Eventide New H9 Algorithms

A new chorusing algorithm for H9 users
NAMM 2020: Verbos Electronics - 3 New Modules

Foundation Oscillator, Noise & Filter and updated Amp & Tone
NAMM 2020: 2HP Lunchbox - Small Cheap Solution for Modular Synths

And a few more modules
NAMM 2020: Noise Engineering New Modules For 2020

A bunch of new stuff for the new year
NAMM 2020: Access Analog Analog Matrix

Robotic Control of Analog Hardware
NAMM 2020: Universal Audio Luna - What Is It?

We get more information
NAMM 2020: Optical Spring Reverb System

Light Pedal uses infrared optical sensors to bring out the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank
NAMM 2020: Line 6 Reveals Latest POD

POD Go floorpedal has amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the HX range
NAMM 2020: Updated Hydrasynth On Show

Firmware update adds new features to the digital wave morphing eight-voice polysynth
NAMM 2020: New Bassline Synth

Erica Synths introduces the Bassline DB-01
NAMM 2020: 4ms Ensemble Oscillator - Sixteen Complex Oscillators!!

Combining additive, FM, phase-distortion and wavefolding synthesis techniques in new unorthodox ways
NAMM 2020: Keith McMillen K-Board Pro 4 MPE With Deckards Dream

A quick demo using mpe to control Deckards Dream
NAMM 2020: Bitwig Studio Updates And Treats

A couple of new features that were introduced last year
NAMM 2020: The SP-1200 Returns

Rossum Electro-Music announces the 35th Anniversary SP-1200 Renovation
NAMM 2020: UA Announces Their Own DAW

LUNA transforms Universal Audio Apollo interfaces into fully integrated recording systems
NAMM 2020: Steinberg AXR4 USB

Steinberg release USB range of AXR4 interfaces
NAMM 2020: Waves OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

Voice-controlled synthesizer and vocal effects processor
NAMM 2020: Presonus Quantum 2626, AR8c, ioStation 24c

Presonus extend the Quantum range, release new Studiolive ARc Range and new ioStation
NAMM 2020: Novation Introduces Launchpad Pro MK3

Powerful grid controller: for production with Ableton Live and hardware instruments
NAMM 2020: Eventide Releases Spring Reverb For Desktop & iOS

Plug-in models the sound and character of reverbs found in guitar amplifiers
NAMM 2020: PreSonus Introduces ioStation 24c

Desktop unit combines audio interface and production controller
NAMM 2020: IK Announces AXE I/O SOLO

A compact version of IK Multimedia's premium guitar interface with advanced tone-shaping
NAMM 2020: Steinberg USB-C Audio Interface

AXR4U offers an alternative to the AXR4T Thunderbolt interface
NAMM 2020: EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath Eurorack Module

Otherworldly reverberation device for modular synthesizers
NAMM 2020: Nektar Announces AURA Beat Composer

Beat creation and performance instrument features 16 pads and onboard step sequencer
NAMM 2020: Pittsburgh Modular Cascading Delay Network

We also got a look at the SV-1b
NAMM 2020: Qu-bit Electronix Introduce 4 New Modules

Aurora, Data Bender, Surface and Cascade
NAMM 2020: Nord Wave 2

Nord demo their new Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer
NAMM 2020: New Roland Stage Piano

RD-88 is described as streamlined and affordable
NAMM 2020: Sequential Introduces Pro 3

Multi-filter mono/paraphonic synthesizer features VCOs, Wavetables
NAMM 2020: Arturia Updates MicroFreak

Version 2 adds new Noise oscillator and more
NAMM 2020: SSL Introduces Audio Interfaces

SSL 2 and SSL 2+ USB interfaces are part of a new personal studio range
NAMM 2020: Pigtronix Unveils New Looper

Infinity 2 Double Looper is a stereo looping pedal with two independent loops
NAMM 2020: Nord Wave 2 Makes Its Debut

4-part performance synth combines Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable
NAMM 2020: Akai MPC ONE First Look

Entry level MPC with plenty of features
NAMM 2020: Yes They Did - Korg Arp 2600 - 1st look

We all knew it had to be..
NAMM 2020: AKG's Wireless Studio Headphones

K361-BT and K371-BT offer switchable Bluetooth wireless and wired connectivity
NAMM 2020: Korg SV-2 Updated Stage Piano

More of everything
NAMM 2020: Roland's A-88 MK2 Is MIDI 2.0 Ready

New generation controller keyboard.
NAMM 2020: Korg Wavestate - 4 Part Sample Based Synth With WaveSequencing

64 stereo voices, modelled filters, FX and sequencing