Expressive E Announces OSMOSE - Next Level Expressive Keyboard

US With in-built EaganMatrix Synth      20/11/19

Expressive E today announce their brand new product the Osmose - its an augmented keyboard instrument, with intense levels of expression. You have what appears to be a standard keybed, but its in fact a custom designed on with two levels of pressure and side to side key movement.

Expressive E Osmose

Its 49 keys, and combines the expression together with an onboard sound engine which is the result of a partnership with Haken Audio. Namely the EaganMatrix instrument found in the Haken Continuum. The on board sound source it built to be highly expressive and so is a good match for the Osmose hardware.

We've seen an early concept for this and can say that it really does seem to offer great expression, while retaining a familiar playing style - and it sounds great.
 Osmose has been previewed to a number of artists who all seem to be similarly impressed:


Stay tuned - we have a video with the Osmose in the pipeline

Osmose is now available for preorder  - delivery Summer 2020 - Expressive E are offering early bird orders significant discounts 40% off until December 31st - making the price you can order it now €/$1079 instead of €/$1799

Preorders require a deposit of €/$299

The $/€299 deposit will reserve a unit on the Osmose waiting list, and the remaining balance will be due when the product is available to deliver, estimated for the summer of 2020. -Limited quantities

49 full-size keys with A.K.A.© technology for three-dimensional control
Up to 24 voices with Layered and Split modes
Top Panel
8 encoders, 9 buttons, pitch slider, modulation slider, color LCD screen
Pedal Inputs:
2 continuous pedal inputs, assignable to sustain or synth parameters
MIDI In, MIDI Out/Thru, USB Type B
24-bit D/A conversion, 1/4" stereo headphone jack,
two 1⁄4" jacks for main stereo output
A Mac/PC editor lets users create and edit the EaganMatrix sounds,
as well as assign the three A.K.A.© key movements to multiple parameters.

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