Friday Fun: Expressive E Osmose Synth Jam

US With the Boss RC-505 MKII      01/12/23

We've been lucky enough to get hold of an Osmose  - which is the new keyboard instrument from .

We've been struck by the way it encourages you to create, the extra expressivity afforded by the per key pressure and lateral movement is a joy. It sort of pushes you to go for notes one might not ordinarily attempt  - obviously that's not without risks -  and its not as difficult to play as say the ROLI which can be quite stressful on the fingers.

Each of the on-board patches that take advantage of the Eagan Matrix - the physical modeling engine at the heart of this instrument, are almost like an instrument in their own right, with expressivity allowing for quite drastic timbral changes, whether it be velocity, initial pressure, secondary pressure or lateral movement of each key!

However, its not all good news, the editor for the Eagan Matrix only runs in MaxForLive and frankly is a nightmare, assuming you can actually get it running. We have not so far.

But there are a four macro knobs per patch, plus the additional mod wheel and keyboard modulations for each of these as well as editing of the master FX, EQ, compression and drive - so you can modify a lot.

We love it so far.

Don't forget if you are a Sonic Star supporter, there's a extra  Patreon Post with a video where Nick develops the jam a bit more.... (as well as this video Ad Free)

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