Superbooth 2023: Expressive E - Osmose

US The Osmoses are being shipped out to the world      13/05/23

We spoke to Arnaud from Expressive E at Superbooth 2023 about the Osmose, their keyboard and standalone synthesizer. Although it is not new, the Osmose still draws a crowd, and Arnaud said that delivery to original backers was successful, and new pre-order and reservation rounds have been reopened with smaller lead times than in 2019. Users are most appreciative of the ergonomics and continuous control of the keybed, which can be bent and produce sound even with a light brush of the finger. Additionally, the Osmose features a built-in sound engine developed by Haken Audio, unlike most MIDI controllers and synthesizers that need to be linked to a computer to function. Users are requesting more sounds and MIDI control functions, and Expressive E is working on integrating these new features. Arnaud showcased the Osmose's versatility by demonstrating some favorite patches, including a flute sound that features the press glide function, which is non-time fixed and modulated by the player's fingers.

Osmose Price: 1,799 Euros

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