Full Fat Cheeze Machine

2getheraudio releases Cheeze Machine PRO synth for Mac and Windows      30/10/19

2getheraudio tells us that Cheeze Machine PRO is here, and this time it’s fattier than ever.  They say that multi-functional Tarabbia oscillators, a fat warm filter with overdrive and extra resonance, fat hard-sync mono leads, new effects, and modulation options to make your sounds really sing.

A spokesperson said, “This is the best Cheeze Machine to date, so grab a hold of it, sit down, and start gorging.”

Here’s more details in 2gether audio’s own words…

Cheeze Machine has grown up. While it still serves up the cheesiest synth strings akin to our analog ancestors, it now delivers these delicacies alongside some serious deep basses, ripping mono leads, punchy brass stabs, mind bending textures and pads and so much more. No matter where your music takes you, CMPro is ready to feed that creativity with some of the best sounds and instruments on the market.

We don’t like searching for paramaters either. Just like Cheeze Machine and Cheeze Machine 2, Cheeze Machine PRO puts all your sound tweaking knobs, sliders and buttons on one large plate for easy fine tuning or fun sonic exploration. Two real-time displays let you switch between seeing the waveform or the spectrum of each and every sound.  

Under the hood of CMPro is Qubiq Audio’s struQture synthesis engine, delivering sonic power & code stability in a feature rich fun workflow.

Cheeze Machine PRO Specifications

  • Virtual analog synthesizer with Moog-style features and interface
  • 150+ fully editable instrument sounds
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use interface for quick, fun sound design
  • Dual mode visual display (waveform and spectrum views)
  • Includes VST, AU, AAX and Standalone plugin formats for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Powerful struQture synth engine delivers synth strings, basses, leads, stabs, pads, effects and a whole lot more.
  • Perfect for EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, Film/TV/Game and other music styles
  • Pay-What-You-Want Pricing

Pricing and Availability:
Pay what you want - see website.

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