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2getheraudio releases ST3REO stereo sweetening tool      07/06/19

2getheraudio has released ST3REO, this is what they have to say about it...

Getting the “perfect mix” for your music involves more than just a great set of ears. You also need high-quality tools to make your music stand out. Apart from the usual timbre and dynamics processing, achieving an exciting stereo image is crucial for making your track captivate the listener. If you’re looking for a wider-than-life mix, 2getheraudio’s ST3REO is a must-have tool in your mixing toolbox.

Prog and metal rockers will love ST3REO’s ability to create the classic guitar wall-of-sound, but a quality widening tool needs to handle much more than that. ST3REO’s meticulously engineered software circuits let you place, widen and even pitch modulate (chorus) any incoming mono or stereo audio source, including synths, vocals, guitars, drums and special effects.


  • An advanced widening tool with with simple and expert editing options
  • 50 presets designed as starting points for processing various instruments and sound sources
  • Double widening algorithm with time spread and phase dispersion circuits
  • Dual Layer (mono+stereo) Mod Circuit for chorus/flange/vibrato effects. Effect retained in Mono
  • Includes 64-bit VST, AU and AAX effects plugins for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Perfect mono compatibility
  • Low Cut filter for keeping the bass in mono
  • Air control for manipulating the brightness of the widening effect
  • 2-point mid EQ for fine tuning the widening signal
  • Check Mono Button for quick mono preview

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