B3 Organ For Your Multi-Engine Korg Synth

2getheraudio releases B3 Organ Oscillator and Effect for Minilogue XD, Prologue and NTS-1      11/05/20

Emulating a Hammond tonewheel organ, 2getheraudio has created a B3 Organ for Korg's Multi-Engine. They say that, one part oscillator and one part effect, it's the complete sound you need for all your organ tracks.

A spokesperson told us, "The B3 Organ emulates a drawbar organ, sometimes referred to as a tone wheel organ, as well as a Leslie Speaker effect. The combination of the two gives you the full sound of a class Hammond B3. The oscillator has full drawbars emulation, percussion modes and keyclick. The Leslie effect gives control over speaker rotation speeds and wet/dry mix of the Leslie."

The video shows the B3 Organ in action using the Korg Minilogue XD.

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