Halloween Theme On An OP-1

Tribrix channels John Carpenter on a tiny synth      30/10/18

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As it’s Halloween week we are posting relevant music vids. Today’s comes from Tribrix who has been in touch to send us his version of the Halloween theme done using sounds and effects native to the OP-1.

Tribrix had this to say, “No user samples or external post processing what-so-ever. The stereo mix-down was dragged right from the OP-1 into Final Cut to make the video. This is a little one night ditty. Believe it or not the part of the song I was most stressed about getting right is the "click" that runs throughout, hence it was the thing I tackled first - turned out to be pretty easy with Hortax rim shot and the finger sequencer. Everything else is pretty self explanatory in the video. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!”


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