Competition: Win Teenage Engineering K.O. II

US Details below..      09/02/24

Competition: Win Teenage Engineering K.O. II


In our latest competition, we've teamed up with the teenage engineering folks to bring you their latest release - the K.O. II - the 12 track, 12 mono/six stereo voice sampler/sequencer with built-in FX on 6 sends, extensive parameter automation and more.

It sounds pretty good - we can confirm hearing it performed live by Cuckoo at the recent Synth Night at NAMM. It was punchy and complex..

So we're delighted to be able to offer one as a free giveaway in our latest competition, all you have to do it head over to:

There you can enter. Competition ends 4th March 2024 - winner will have the unit shipped directly to them from the teenagers HQ

Good luck!

See Cuckoo jam:


Teenage Engineering Social

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