64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth

Digital D1 is inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s and 90s      30/10/18

Audio kit Pro has released the Digital D1, which they describe as an epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s and 90s. A spokesperson told us, “It’s recommended if you like classic digital synths like the D-50, JD-990, 01/W, Wavestation, and more. The app does not sample any of those synths. It is a modern re-imagining. New sounds. New synthesis. Perfect for a modern production with a retro feel.”


  • 64-voice Hybrid Digital Poly Synthesis.
  • Full 1 Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old.
  • Space-saving Compression. The whole app is under 150mb
  • Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits. Velocity Scaling.
  • Vintage-style Arp/Step Sequencer
  • Dual Independent per-Layer filters
  • 3 LFOs. LFOs can modify other LFOs
  • Per-voice harmonic key tracked Envelope filters

Pricing and Availability:
Compatible with newer iPads only. $4.99 at the app store

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