New Korg Rhythm Machine

KR-55 Pro features real recorded drum grooves      18/01/18

New Korg Rhythm Machine

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Korg has stepped up their Rhythm Machine Line with the Release of the KR-55 Pro , which they describe as a simple to use, comprehensive rhythm machine, with real recorded drum grooves and mixer/recorder functionality. They tell us that, equipped with Korg's "Real Groove Technology", which uses actual data recorded from professional drummers at various tempos, the KR-55 Pro contains technology never seen before in a conventional drum machine.

Nick Kwas, lead Product Specialist at Korg USA, told us, "For musicians who want the organic sound of a real drummer, without the hassle of programming a drum machine or having to deal with an unreliable drummer, nothing beats the KR-55 Pro."

Here's more details in Korg's own words:

Packed with 24 high-quality rhythm styles, each fine-tuned to accurately reproducethe sound and experience of playing with a percussionist, this rhythm machine can provide simple, straight-forward drum tracking for musicians of any genre. Each style includes multiple patterns, providing accompaniment for endless recording,thanks to the sophisticated chain function.

The KR-55 also includes an audio player function that can play back audio files from an SD card. The Acoustage, Korg's virtual surround technology, creates a personal acoustic stage, an experience unattainable from previous systems. Utilizing the Acoustage on the KR-55 Pro turns the rhythm machine into a high-quality listening

The KR-55 Pro comes with a Korg tuner and metronome built in, as well as pedal control for hands-free rhythm/recording.

Pricing and Availability:
The KR-55 Pro will be available January 2018 for $299.99

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