NAMM 2015: Coaxial Studio Monitor With Ribbon Tweeter

Fluid Audio announces the FPX (Fader Pro Coax)      21/01/15

NAMM 2015: Coaxial Studio Monitor With Ribbon Tweeter

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Building upon their Fader Series studio monitors, Fluid Audio has announced the FPX (Fader Pro Coax) line of studio monitors, with the new FPX7 leading the way. They say that, featuring optimized Class AB amplifiers, shorting ring magnet woofers and ribbon tweeters, the FPX7 offers a truer, more accurate monitoring experience.  The FPX Series will include two models: FPX7 DSP, and a more feature rich version to come later.  Both with a 7" inch woofer and AMT Ribbon tweeter.

Kevin Zuccaro, the ears behind the Fluid Audio brand and its owner, told us, "Ribbon tweeters have certainly been used in studio monitors before.  It's a perfect use for them, actually.  However, I've never been that impressed by previous executions of the idea.  I've always felt I could do a ribbon monitor that sort of set the standard for ribbon monitors, and I believe this coax idea does that.  You get the lightning fast response of the ribbon, and the point-source goodness of being coaxial. As a recording musician myself, I was always a little frustrated with the way a lot monitors would 'Hi-Fi-ize' my live recordings.  I would record something live in a room, but played back through the monitors, it already sounded kind of slow and dull.  With our new AMT ribbon tweeter, you get that immediate, live sound that you recorded.  That, coupled with the low distortion woofer and great off axis response of the FPX7, you have a clear, honest view into your mixes."

FPX7 Highlights:

  • Seamless, transparent response in a compact footprint
  • 7" composite paper cone, low-frequency driver with shorting ring to reduce magnet distortion
  • Air motion transformer (ribbon) tweeter provides an extremely fast and accurate response
  • Bi-amplified 110Watt Class A/B amplification
  • Acoustic Space Control lets you calibrate the FPX7 to your mixing environment
  • (0,-2 and -4db)
  • Tweeter high frequency trim control ( +2db, 0, -2db )
  • Fader Volume control on front baffle for easy access
  • 42Hz – 27kHz frequency response
  • Front loaded slot port for directional bass response


Fluid Audio will unveil the FPX DSP Series in Hall E, Booth 1171 at the 2015 NAMM Show

Pricing and Availability:
The FPX7 DSP will be available this March at street prices of $699.99 USD/€649

The FPX7 DSP+ will be released Q2 at $999.99 USD/ €959.99/ £759.99

More information:


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