MESSE11: Portable Amplification And Mixing For Keyboardists And DJs

Korg unveils its new MMA130 Mobile Monitor Amplifier      06/04/11

MESSE11: Portable Amplification And Mixing For Keyboardists And DJs

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Korg has unveiled its new MMA130 Mobile Monitor Amplifier, which they say offers practical, portable features for a variety of performance scenarios. Here's what Korg has to say...
Designed to complement Korg's acclaimed Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer and several other popular Korg products, the MMA130 allows solo artists, DJs, keyboardists, vocalist-percussionists and small groups to plug and play anywhere, thanks to multiple inputs, AC or battery power and the ability to also power a Wavedrum or other instruments. The rear panel features a DC9V output jack that can provide power to one of a number of Korg instruments, creating a complete, truly portable setup.
Equally suitable for indoor or outdoor performances, the MMA130 has a professional array of inputs and outputs, as well as a four-channel mixer. Despite its portable size, its built-in power amp projects an impressive amount of volume -- it features a high-efficiency 6.5-inch full-range speaker, pumping out 100 dB (at maximum output) of sound pressure even on battery power.
The MMA's rear panel provides two balanced mic/line inputs (XLR/TRS combo jack) as well as two more unbalanced line inputs (1/4" phone jack), totaling four inputs. Each has its own independent volume control, allowing the MMA130 to serve as a simple four-channel P.A. mixer. Whether the performance calls for a single singer-player or a multi-player session, the MMA130 delivers crisp, powerful audio quality in a variety of scenarios and venues.
The unit's AUX inputs accept a variety of sources: RCA phono plugs (L/R), a mini-stereo plug and 1/4" phone plugs (L/R), making it easy to connect an MP3 player for a jam session, or to use the MMA130 as a monitor speaker for a keyboard. The line output jacks provide a mixed audio signal taken from before the onboard EQ, allowing the EQ to be effectively used to control the speaker tone, while the unaffected signal can be used for recording or set to a larger sound system.
The MMA130's power-saving design also allows the unit to operate on either six or twelve C batteries, depending on how long the amp needs to be in use. In addition, users can switch the Power Mode between MAX and ECO (up to 24 hours of continuous operation in ECO mode on twelve C batteries, or 12 hours on six batteries). A dedicated DC-DC cable (included) delivers up to 9V of DC power from the MMA130 to the instrument.
In addition to master volume, side panel controls include a three-band equalizer with HIGH, MIDDLE and LOW, allowing users to optimize their tone as appropriate for the venue. There is also an anti-feedback control that suppresses or eliminates acoustic feedback, allowing operation with a microphone, acoustic guitar pickup or any other amplified acoustic instrument.
The MMA130 can be placed on its side and used as a stage monitor, or attached to the optional speaker stand (VST-01) and used as a personal powered monitor. Users can attach the ST-WD Wavedrum percussion stand directly to the MMA130, or they can sit on the MMA130, "cajon-style," with the Wavedrum or other instrument in front of them.
Compatible Korg products include PS60, microSTATION, microKORG XL, microSAMPLER, microPIANO, Kaoss Pad Quad, Kaossilator Pro, Wavedrum, Wavedrum mini and monotribe.
Pricing and Availability:
The Korg MMA130 will be available early Fall 2011 with MSRP to be announced shortly. More information:

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