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Tube-Tech RM8 modular rack system now shipping in the UK      02/02/09

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Systems Workshop Distribution has announced that Tube-Tech's new RM8 modular rack system is now shipping in the UK. The innovative RM8 system is built around a self-powered tabletop frame that holds up to eight tube-based modules in any configuration. The available modules currently comprise the PM 1A Microphone/DI Preamplifier, the EM 1A Passive Tube Equalizer and the CM 1A Opto Compressor, all of which are designed to add maximum clarity, transparency and warmth to recordings, mixes and live performances.
Here's all the details directly from the press release...
The RM8's rugged electroplated steel frame is ideal for situations where space is at a premium, such as home studios or outside broadcast vans, allowing flexibility without sacrificing audio quality. The unit has its own internal power supply with all the voltages necessary for operating the various modules. It also comes with a separate module for monitoring the voltages themselves. Each group of eight XLR inputs and eight XLR outputs is paralleled to a single DB25 connector, allowing the frame to be configured with any combination of modules.
The PM 1A Microphone Preamplifier module combines an exceptionally smooth sounding microphone preamp with a direct instrument input for basses, guitars, keyboards and other line level sources. The module provides switchable 48V phantom power, selectable mic impedance, a phase reverse switch, low cut filter and a switchable -20dB pad. Gain is adjustable from +10dB to +70dB. The unbalanced instrument input has a gain range from +10dB to +60dB.
Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding engineer or producer, the EM 1A Passive Tube Equalizer module has a low frequency boost/attenuation section with four selectable frequencies, a high frequency boost section with variable bandwidth and ten selectable frequencies, and a high frequency attenuation section with three selectable frequencies. The filter is placed directly after the input transformer in order to eliminate noise from the amplifier. The amplifier itself consists of two tubes in a push/pull configuration and an output transformer.
The CM 1A Compressor is an optical, tube-based compressor designed largely for single-track recordings. Equally suited for use with delicate vocals and screaming lead guitar, the compressor's optical element is placed after the input transformer and followed by a tube-based amplifier with +30dB gain capability, so that the signal is not fed through any semiconductor circuitry on its route to the output. The amplifier consists of two tubes in a push/pull configuration and an output transformer. The compressor can be manually switched in and out without clicks, while the amplifier remains in the signal path. An LED display shows either output level or gain reduction, according to selection. A dedicated bus section with three positions allows several compressors to be linked together. Both the compressor and equalizer modules also work well as master processors (in stereo).
All the modules have inputs and outputs that are both balanced and fully floating. The input and output transformers all have a static screen between their primary and secondary wirings.
Pricing and Availability:
UK RRPs for the RM8 system:
  • RM8 tabletop frame - £1633.52 inc VAT
  • PM 1A mic preamp module - £ 1437.50 inc VAT
  • EM 1A equalizer module - £ 1437.50 inc VAT
  • CM 1A compressor module - £ 1437.50 inc VAT
Exclusively distributed in the UK and Eire by Systems Workshop Distribution.
More information:
  • tube-tech.com
  • systemsworkshop.com


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