Pocket-Sized Kaoss

Korg announce the Kaossilator dynamic phrase synthesizer      17/09/07

Pocket-Sized Kaoss

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The next innovation in Korg’s line of DJ tools has arrived. The Kaossilator is a new battery-powered pocket-sized instrument featuring Korg synth sounds alongside innovative performance features - Korg say that anyone can instantly play musical phrases by simply tapping or sliding their finger across the Kaossilator’s touch pad.
While the Kaossilator has been designed to offer untrained musical enthusiasts a new level of musical involvement and fun, it is also aimed at keyboardists, guitarists and DJs looking for a convenient way to add fresh new elements to a band performance or DJ set. Korg say that the Kaossilator is a portable Korg synthesizer delivering maximum flexibility in an ultra-compact body, with battery operation that allows you to jam anywhere.
Here’s the details in Korg’s own words:
Powerful sounds & features
KAOSSILATOR comes packed with 100 sound programs that combine Korg’s modelling synthesizer engine with effects from the KAOSS Pad series. Its horizontal axis is assigned to note/pitch, while the vertical axis is assigned to parameters such as: cut-off, feedback, or modulation depth, giving you a wide range of performance possibilities. In addition to classic synthesizer sounds, there are faithfully simulated piano, guitar and trumpet sounds as well as looped and one-shot drum sounds. making the KAOSSILATOR a never-ending source of inspiration to stimulate your creativity.
The KAOSSILATOR offers you a choice of 31 different scales, including chromatic and diminished, as well as major and minor blues and pentatonic scales – by using the key setting function, you can play them in any key. In addition to the standard western scales, Korg has included a few more exotic varieties such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga.
The Gate Arpeggiator
Gate Arpeggiator enables you to produce specific patterns of notes in sync with user specified tempos. Then, to get your creative juices flowing, Loop Recording allows you to record a phrase with a specified number of beats to a maximum of two bars (or measures) and add layers to it. For example you can record a phrase using a synth-lead sound, and then overdub bass or drum sounds. You can build up layers of cool phrases by simply repeating this cycle of selecting, playing, and recording sounds.
  • PROGRAMS: 100
  • KEY RANGE: +/- 12
  • HEADPHONE: Stereo mini jack
  • D-A CONVERSION: 24-bit Linear
  • POWER SUPPLY: 4 alkaline AA (LR6) batteries (6V)
  • BATTERY LIFE: approximately five hours (with alkaline batteries)
  • DIMENSIONS: 106 mm (W) x 129mm (D) x 29 mm (H)
  • WEIGHT: 154 g / 5.43 oz. (without batteries)
  • OPTIONS: AC adapter ( DC 4.5V )
Pricing and Availability:
RRP £117.00 GBP inc VAT More information:

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