NAMM: Sonic NAMM Diary - Part 3

The rest of the show      31/01/04

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Well we fell into a bit of a pattern after the first day. Geoff back in the hotel room capturing and editing video - the rest of us (including Albert who, as usual, did an excellent job) pounding the floor, gathering the stories and shooting the video.

Albert and Andy compare notes

During the rest of the show we met many wonderful people. Dave Smith is always a pleasure to talk to and the Evolver (and now the Poly Evolver) is a great product. Roger Linn was next door to Dave Smith (as last year) making that area of the show a popular place (although the bottle bar and Caribbean food cafe may have contributed to that). There were many impressive booths this year. The big three, Korg Yamaha and Roland had their normal palatial displays.
  • Korg definitely the best carpeting - it was a pleasure to walk on
  • Roland had the best giveaway - the flashing lanyard (modelled below by my daughters).
  • Yamaha had the most space

    Well it saved me a couple of bucks on presents

    Digidesign and Emagic Apple had big booths with Apple having some many of their 23" cinema displays (drool). Apple took us on a wild goose chase to find the press briefing. Eventually when we got there they wouldn't let us take any pictures or discuss the products they were previewing which is a shame as they had some great technology. The best booth was that of the Propellerheads. It was reminiscent of a dingy European nightclub.

    Its very red

    This year we did little partying - just too busy. But we did find time on Saturday night to catch up with Nigel and Kerry Spencer of Synth Zone. They are very friendly and fun and we spent all night drinking and talking with them.

    Nigel, Kerry, me and Nick - after 10 hours at the show and 5 in the Marriot bar

    The last get together of the show was our farewell to Albert till next year. This was held at the "fabulous" Red Robin in Anaheim (alright everywhere else was full). We bumped into the Propellerheads and James Bernard their star demonstrator.

    James tells the Sonic crew just how it is

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