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  Drum Stomper+ Plus
 (Oliver Wittchow ) NANOLOOP
 4Front Piano Module 1.0 VSTi 1.0
 9Bar Recordings MASS 1.21 beta
 AdvancedRussianSynth Designs The Galaxy Synth-V-Lynns X-Bow and Falling Star
 analog to digital supersaw plus !! 1.2
 analog to digital reincarnation
 AndyWare Analog Box 2 2.25
 Applied Acoustics Tassman 3.0 3.0.2
 Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman Soft Synth 2.1
 Applied Acoustics Systems Inc. Tassman 2.1
 Arguru Psycle 1.02
 Arguru TraxVox r1
 Arguru audio software [AAS] Noisetrekker 2.Final
 Arturia Storm 1.5 1.5.2
 Arturia Moog Modular V 1.1 upgrade to 1.2 available with v2.0 coming soon
 Arturia Moog Modular V Version 2
 Arturia 2600v
 Audio Simulation Dream Station 1.0
 Barry Vercoe / MIT Csound
 Big Tick Rainbow 1.63
 Bitheadz Retro AS-1 Mac - 1.3.1 PC - 1.2.2
 BitHeadz Unity DS-1 1.2.5 Mac - 1.2.2 PC
 Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 v1.6
 Cesare Ferrari FM Heaven
 Coyote Electronics Forte 1.1
 Dr Sync SynC Modular 1.0 beta
 East West Colossus 1.0.5.
 electropia er-zero 1?
 Emagic ES1 1.0
 Emagic ES2 5.5
 Emagic EVD6 built into Logic 5.3-6.x
 Emagic EVP88 built into Logic 4.x-6.x
 Emagic EVB3 built into Logic 5.3-6.x
 Emagic EXS24 mkII 5.5
 Emagic EXS 24 1.1
 Gmedia Oddity
 Gradywerks / things outside the skin Control Changed 1.0
 Hartmann Music Neuron VS
 Hiroki Wingroove
 hummel synthesizers gemini megasynth 1.1
 Jeskola Buzz beta 1.8
 Johan Kotlinski Little Sound Dj v1.1
 Living Memory Cellsynth 1.6
 Mirage Mirage FRX-X7
 More electronic sounds iSynth 1.2 1.2
 motu machfive
 Muon Electron 1.0
 Native Instrument Reaktor 2.3
 native instruments reaktor 4
 Native Instruments Pro-53
 Native Instruments FM7
 Native Instruments Battery 2
 Native Instruments Dynamo 1.0
 native instruments fm-7
 Native Instruments Pro-Five
 Native Instruments Absynth 1.0.2
 native instruments battery
 Native Instruments B4 1.01
 Native Instruments Reaktor 3
 Nemesys Gigasampler 64
 Nemesys 6.1 6.1
 Nethernet Mopis 1.1
 Neutron W 01
 Neutron DSP TransPlanet Synth 1.0
 Newbeat ACE MIDI Feb 03: V1.06
 norsez Onkot 1
 Nyr Sound Ltd Chaosynth 1.00
 Nys X-Incarn 1.5
 P SOFTHOUSE VOID Modular System 1.52
 Propellerheads Reason 1.0
 Propellerheads Reason 2.5
 Propellerheads Reason 2.0
 Renoise v1.2 Renoise v1.2 (1.2)
 Ross Bencina Audio Mulch .8b3 BETA
 SawCutter SawCutter 1.0 SawCutter 1.0
 Simmolator Drum Synth 1?
 Sonic Charge µTonic (micro tonic) 2
 Sonic Syndicate TS-404 1.05
 Sonic Syndicate OrionPro standard (1.9), pro (2.6)
 Steinberg B-Box
 Steinberg Model E
 symbolic sound kyma.5 kyma.5
 U&I Softwares Metasynth 2.5
 Vaz Technologies Vaz Modular
 VirtualS Virtual BassLine 3.5 3.5
 VirtualS MyDrums 1
 VirtualS Virtual BassLine
 VirtualS Rhinoceros Polyphonic 1
 VirtualS Virtual BassLine
 VirtualS Virtual BassLine 2.00.01
 VirtualS Virtual DrumStation
 Visiomedia Software Corporation Saccara 0702
 Waldorf Attack
 Waldorf PPG Wave 2.v
 Yellow Tools Culture vers 1.2