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 Arguru audio software [AAS] Noisetrekker At a Glance  
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Timothy writes:
This is our FREE tracker and music station. First versions released at Summer'1999 and called "Tracker With No Name". Now it's a powerful program full of DSP capabilities, sampling, lots of FX, etc...

REQUIRES: DirectX6.1 or Higher, P 200Mhz MMX recommended, and a compatible DirectX VideoCard and SoundCard, 64Mb Ram are very recommended too. OS: W9x or W2k.

SAMPLING: - Full support of WAV samples. - 256 Instruments, 16 Splits per instrument. - Full support of Stereo samples (Yes, not many trackers do that =) (and 8 Bit Support too) - Loop Fine Editor (Get loop points with full accuracy) - Forward/Reverse playback. (Cooler with cymbals, voices, scratch effects) - Up to 4 Gigas (virtually of course) sample length per split. - The tracker DONT auto-gain volume to the tracks, samples are played as they sound alone, you can vary the sample volume between 0% and 400%. - Linear resampling interpolation. - Custom Instrument format importing/exporting (.nti)

DSP/SYNTHESYS/FX: - 4point cubic Spline RESAMPLING! - 21 Filter Types per track(16). (Included LowPass, -12db, -24db, -48db, HiPass -12db, -24db, Degraders, Delta, CompDistorsion, etc..., etc...) - Stereo Delay Effects (Delay Synchronizable with the BPM song). - Reverb Fx (Hall, Room, Short, Box). - Flanger/Chorus with stereo dephase (Flanger 3d) control. - Threshold/Clamp distorsion controls. - LFO asignable to the track Filter (auto-sweep). - Switch "Slide REC mode" to On and, all your slider tweakings (reverb, cutoff, resonance, distortion) will be autowritten on the pattern sequencer!. (Cooler to live snapshot!) - CSynth DSP Engine - analogc vintage 32bit-float synthesizer. - Two virtual Roland TB303, "Rebirth 338" interface + rbs patterns import - Old Skool Support. ntk now recognizes and read Amiga MOD FILES

SEQUENCER: - 16 Tracks per pattern. - Old Skool Pattern sequencing system(by the typical Position->Pattern) - Track Sequencer section where you can silence the tracks that you dont want to sound in an specified position, good with snare progressions or cymbal shots and no wasting of patterns. (This is like AXS sequencer) - Midi Out implementation, can be used perfectly as midi-sequencer (but with a tracker style, just assign midichannels to each tracks, and midiprograms(1-128) to each instrument). - Lots of commands.

Good Points
Its 100% Free!

 Arguru audio software [AAS] Noisetrekker Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 16
Maximum Resolution:44k@16bit

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