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 Renoise v1.2 Renoise v1.2 At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 2002-11-01  arrowVersion:
arrowRated: 8.5/10arrow User reviews: (4)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win NT, Win XP, OSX,
arrow Plugin formats: VST. DirectX. Audio Units. RTAS
Renoise writes:
Renoise ( is new music tracker software for Windows with studio quality sound made to become new standard in modern music trackers.

While using proven tracker technology, Renoise also supports MIDI and embraces modern and limitless VST plug-in / VST instrument technologies, therefore achieving power and precision every electronic musician had been dreaming about.

In over 3 years of development we listened to you users and implemented all suggestions into Renoise, therefore building powerful and reliable music software that suits your needs!

Renoise features full MIDI, VST / VSTi and ASIO support. It has implemented large set of powerful internal DSP effects (reverb, delay, EQ, compressor, filter, phaser, flanger, MIDI CC etc.). Except that, it also has fully featured sample and instrument editor. On top of that, ease of tracker user interface is also preserved.

New Renoise releases are very often. Updates to web site are frequent. Renoise also features quality user support.

Feature list:

-Easy to use user interface, all-in-one, customizable and user friendly (uses DirectX for fastest response time)

-Easy to use song arranger (sequencer) and song editor (tracker style)

-FastTracker2 - like keyboard shortcuts (and similar GUI)

-Integrated sampler and high quality mixer

-Integrated sample editor with full sample editing capabilities

-Full MIDI support (MIDI playback synchronized with audio latency and can be additionally synchronized manually if necessary)

-Full synchronization via MIDI clock as master or slave to external programs (e.g. Cubase, etc.) or hardware that is able to receive or send MIDI clock (e.g. drum machines, external sequencer, etc.)

-ASIO multi I/O cards support (for very low latency) with the ability to route tracks to hardware channels

-High quality player (internal 32-bit float point processing, interpolated, click free)

-Real-time DSP engine with high quality effects (reverb, echo/delay, compressor, distorsion, flanger, phaser, EQ...)

-Build-in visualization (Stereo Scopes, Track Scopes, Spectrum Analyzer) -Integrated support for VST Plug-Ins 2.0 (this means even more effects and sound processors)

-Integrated support for VSTi (VST instruments 2.0 - you can use many great software synths from Renoise now)

-Unlimited number of effects per track and high speed effects processing

-Popular formats support (songs/modules/instruments/samples)

-Automation of effects via track and instrument envelopes. No need to type or remember effect numbers.

-Sampler supports: samples, multi sampled samples (sample splits), loop samples (loops)

-Use sounds all at once: Sampler + VSTi + MIDI audio (as one instrument)

-High quality WAV renderer (32-bit, 96 kHz, 2 quality modes (near perfect and perfect), with ability to render each track in separate file)

-Runs on all 32-bit Windows that support DirectX 8.0 (Windows 95-98-Me-NT-2000-XP)

-Macintosh version in development!

For more details please visit:

Good Points
1) All professional features including MIDI, VST, ASIO, DirectX support and more. 2) Easy to use music software thanks to tracker technology 3) Quality user suport

 Renoise v1.2 Renoise v1.2 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 64 tracks (16 poliphony - 1024 actual tracks)
Maximum Resolution:96kHz - 32bit float point
Integrated number of DSP effects
Filetypes supported:
WAV, AIFF, XI, XM, MOD, IT, NTK, RNS, RNI and more

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