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arrowReleased: 05/07/2004  arrowVersion: 1.52
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PSOFT writes:
VOID Modular System is an analog modular synthesizer. VOID works flexibly to produce your own sound source system. It makes you satisfied with its creativity and usefulness. VOID has lots of modules so that it works as an effecter and a monitor as well. You can enjoy in ways you like with VOID. VOID works not only as a VST plug in but also as a standalone software. The standalone mode allows CPU load to be decreased, and it does not make you irritable.

Good Points
[Patching] The user interface has been simply designed, so that module wiring and layouts are easily handled. Only you have to do is to connect their terminals.[Sound creativity] VOID allows you to create not only simple patching but also complicated patching. VOID can work as an effecter and a synthesis in an elaborate arrangement. VOID presets would help you to get your original sound sources.[Sound capturing] The standalone mode captures music performances and save them as wav files. VOID allows music performances to be captured as long as your PC disk space is allowed. You can create original wav files using an arpeggiator, for instance, and save microphone sounds after real time effect arrangements are preceded.

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