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Peter Schroedl writes:
Quite a flexible and powerful softsynth. Patch design is totally Modular-esque ( infinite routings ). Good Looking interface. Like the other Bitheads products, the interface is split up into 4 main applications - the editor: for making patches, the midi mixer: for assigning instruments to channels/adjusting chan vol./pan, midi processor: for realtime performances, keyboard: for playing the synth without an outboard midi controller.

Good Points
Comes packaged with over a thousand great presets. Excells at producing analog emulations and fat basses. Built in, Realtime effects are pretty good.
Bad Points
Its a little bit too power hungry for my computer though ( 200mhz 603e Powermac ) I've also had some crashing problems with earlier versions, running alongside cubase vst 3.52

 Bitheadz Retro AS-1 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 16 ( I could only run 10 or so on a 200mhz 603e before it lagged )
as many as you want ( synth design is modular )
Filetypes supported:

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