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 VirtualS Virtual BassLine At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: 6/5/2005  arrowVersion: 0.00
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Juan Sanchez writes:
Create the most powerful rhythm for your musical dance, techno, house... compositions and get the most plausible 303 sound in your PC. Virtual BassLine is a complete bass synthesizer very easy to install and use. Use it as a totaly independent program of any other musical software or if you prefer, integrate it in your VST host program with its new module VBLVSTPlugin.dll. With Virtual BassLine 3.0 you will get the most realistic sound without needed plugins or additional programs because it has integrated reverberation, echo and distortion effect. Also you will can control your Virtual BassLine using MIDI with the rest of your synthesizers or use the connection between several sessions in the way you will have opened all the Virtual BassLine you want and combine it with Virtual DrumStation and MyDrums. Virtual BassLine lets you to get great quality samples and loops to use them in other programs or samplers always in real time and without affect its performance. And all of this with a low memory and CPU usage that do not interfere in the rest of your applications or software synthesizers you could have working at the same time. And if you want to modify his look, it oferts you his skin system easily editable. Download it free and enjoy its sound !!!

Good Points
Easy to install and use Totaly independent of any other musical or VST. Integrated reverberation, echo and distortion effects. Low memory and CPU usage.
Bad Points

 VirtualS Virtual BassLine Specifications:

Max tracks: 1
Maximum Resolution:43K@16bits
Filetypes supported:
wav, raw

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