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 Arturia Moog Modular V At a Glance  
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Fred Rayworth writes:
The Moog Modular V is an emulation of the analog beast from the 60's and 70's. It includes many features not found on the original and is in a configuration that was not part of the original modular.

Good Points
Wow! Where to start? This system rocks! If it does not sound like the original, I would not know. I've heard that side by side comparisons with the real thing are comparable in sound. It stays in tune, and can also be played polyphonically. I have been playing it for a couple of months and despite having no keyboard, I've been able to create and play some very good sounds. It is rather annoying playing the virtual keyboard with a mouse, but I can't afford a midi controller yet so I have to make do. The filters work great and have that fat sound, especially the 24db octave low pass. The high pass is not as fat and the two multimode filters sound like that Korg 2000 (whatever) filters and are a little thin but still useful. A real nice feature is the frequency shifter. Wow! You can do a lot of weird stuff with it. The sequencer works great except I still can’t figure out how to skip notes or play a less than eight step sequence. It’s just a matter of time to learn how. I am very satisfied with it. Installation was easy and I've run across no computer glitches yet.
Bad Points
This thing really sucks up CPU power so make sure you have a higher end computer or at least a slower dual processor system. The manual was translated from French and whoever their technical writer is needs to have an editor look at his work! The manual is full of grammatical errors.

 Arturia Moog Modular V Specifications:

Max tracks: Unk
Polyphony: Yes but don't remember how many notes
Maximum Resolution:Unk

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