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Eric McCay writes:
The Reincarnation series is a set of sample based synths which have the authentic solid analog feel and allows the user to change the filter level with a keyboard mod wheel and select resonance levels. It can even recreate totally realistic glitch free analog filter sweeps.

Roland tb303, mc202 and juno 106 are available now with more to follow.


As many as 99 samples per preset 36 different presets with their own samples ADSR envelope Unison mode (up to 16 voices) with detune Pitch bend, glide with mono mode, vibrato (with adjustable speed),

Effects: ring modulator, tempo synced double delay with filter and feedback and a digital filter (has low pass, high pass, band pass and notch modes) with cutoff and resonance controls.

Good Points
Best analog sound you can get, very low cpu
Bad Points
Not as flexible as a digital synth

 analog to digital reincarnation Specifications:

Digital IOs:

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