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 Arturia Moog Modular V At a Glance  
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The Malpaso Man writes:
This is a software recreation of one of Robert Moog's Modular synthesizer system III. Just like the CS-80V it uses Arturia's famed TAE (True Analogue Emulation)to deliver that famed and unique moog sound, in which you can either have in monophonic or polyphonic modes!! The MMV contains 28 modules which are -

9 x Moog 921a series Oscillators 6 x Moog 911 series aux envelopes 3 x Moog 904 series 24db LPF, 24db HPF and a 20db multimode filter with 7 modes 1 x Moog 923 series noise generator 2 x VCA's (with their own ENV's) 16 x aux VCA's with modulation inputs 1 x Moog 960 sequential controller (sequencer) 1 x Moog Filter bank 1 x Stereo Delay 1 x Chorus Mono or Poly upto 64 voices!!

Good Points
That unmistakeable Moog sound from low end basses to tinkly synth noises, pads, leads, mad sequencing, route anything to anything by use of virtual patching cords to create comples patches and you can save your efforts for use a later date. It can be used a stand-alone or as a VST plug-in instrument and it acts, feels and plays like a real modular and it won't cost you more than £10'000 only £180 this time. It's loads of fun and easy to carry around. Upgrade patches are free to download once you register your software with Arturia, you can even download new presets etc. Arturia are looking at creating more new softsynths in the future with names like Oberheim, EMS, ARP etc. So keep watching.
Bad Points
CPU usage shoots up into the red the more your patches get too complex, although in stand-alone it is not too bad, but using as a VST plug-in it can sometimes bring your PC to a halt, unless your CPU is over 500mhz and you have more than 128mb, the faster your CPU the less bother you'll have with it. Registering with Arturia, you may get info or email you don't really want etc.

 Arturia Moog Modular V Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 3x8 step sequencer
Maximum Resolution:96khz@32bits
filter bank
chorus and delay
Filetypes supported:
Hardware supported:
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