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Earl Sondreal writes:
Unity DS-1 Digital Sampler is an application for both Mac and Windows that turns your computer into a powerful real-time pro sampler. Some of the features that set Unity apart from other samplers are; the ability to run on a laptop, extremely fast load times, 127 velocity layers, and support for FreeMIDI, OMS, ReWire and MAS 2.0. Built-in effects and extensive modulation routings & modulators are also included, and being RAM based, Unity does not require special hardware! Unity DS-1 gives you all the features of hardware samplers, plus a complete integrated Digital Audio Editor and easy integration with your existing sequencer and DAW applications. ASIO support makes Unity compatible with most of the pro quality audio cards. The Macintosh version supports Bit depths up to 24 Bits and sampling rates up to 96 kHz! The PC version supports up to 24 bits and 48 kHz using ASIO.

Unity DS-1 features include: True phase-locked stereo signal path throughout, 2 stereo oscillators (multisamples) per voice, 2 assignable filters per voice with 13 filter types, 6-stage envelope modulators with extensive routing choices, 6 LFO waveform shapes that can be synced to MIDI clock, 2 stereo effects processors per voice, 2 stereo global effects processors, and 'drag & drop' sample handling. Supported sample formats include: WAV, CD-Audio, and AIFF files, plus Unity maps Akai S1000 & S300, DLS, and SoundFont 2.0 automatically. The Mac version of Unity also imports SampleCell I & II instruments and Sound Designer I & II files. You can also sample live from microphone or line inputs.

The included full-featured arpeggiator allows you to generate event-list "sequences". You can even write the sampler's complete multi-timbral stereo output to disk as an 8 or 16, bit audio file for use in your favorite digital audio applications. And of course, it's fully polyphonic and multi-timbral. Unity also includes a complete 16-channel mixer and 250 MB of sounds for $449.00 SRP.

Good Points
Full synth engine with multiple filters, effects, and modulations -easy integration into all of the popular sequencers
Bad Points
Need a fast computer for high polyphony

 BitHeadz Unity DS-1 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: Up to 16 stereo, CPU dependent
Maximum Resolution:96k @ 24 bits
2 parametric
Filetypes supported:
Akai S1000,3000 Sample Cell I &II, Soundfont 2.0, SD I&II, AIFF, WAV, DLS
Hardware supported:
Any ASIO, DirectSound or Sound Manager
Osmosis Sample Conversion Utility

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MegaPiano Ultimate Steinway Piano featuring NO LOOPS!
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