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 Applied Acoustics Tassman 3.0 At a Glance  
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RC Cruz writes:
The good bunch at AAS have doen it again! Tassman 3 is a monster modular with all the bells and whistles of the classic analog beasts plus there own physical models of real acoustic parts like guitar strings, drums, xylophones, etc. What's morwe , you can mix and match any of the modules to make Frankenstein-esque hybrid instruments that make any other synth claiming to make really organic sounds come off like a bad joke.

Good Points
The included instruments give you a good taste of what Tass can do, but the real fun starts when you get down to reverse engineering the included patches and combining your favourite parts of different synths together. The new filters are phat, phAT, PHAT!!!! The new compressor is a God send as those acoustic objects tend explode every so often (in a good way!). I can't say enough about this one, if you've got Reaktor, Nord Modular or any of the other super synths you MUST GET TASSMAN!!! A truely unique tool....
Bad Points
I can't run more than 3 instances of Tass on my P4 2.4, which is a little low in my estimation. Cranking the polyphony on synths also gives a huge processor hit, but overall I don't think this is an instrument people are going want to do wanky solos. Being able to see the builder and the player at the same time would be nice too....

 Applied Acoustics Tassman 3.0 Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: Not Applicable
Maximum Resolution:96k
Anything you can build
Filetypes supported:
Wav, Mp3, Aiff
Hardware supported:
Not Applicable

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