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 Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman Soft Synth At a Glance  
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arrowReleased: April 1999  arrowVersion: 2.10
arrowRated: 9.0/10arrow User reviews: (1)
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, OSX,
arrow Plugin formats: VST. DirectX. Audio Units. RTAS
Deadbeat - writes:
A massive modular soft synth based on physical modeling, capable of generating crazy acoustic, organic noises and the phattest analog emulations out there.

Comes with about 100 prepatched synths and you can build your own.

Good Points
This thing makes sounds unlike anything else all the market in the realm of realistic sounding organic FX. Also easy to get a handle on building synths pretty fast in relation to other apps.
Bad Points
CPU heavy, sequencer in the current version sucks, so if you don't have a MIDI keyboard or another sequencer app to run it as a VST or DXi, you'll probably get frustrated pretty quick.

 Applied Acoustics Systems Tassman Soft Synth Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: -
Maximum Resolution:44.1k@16bits
infinite processors
Filetypes supported:
Hardware supported:
all of them...

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