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 9Bar Recordings MASS At a Glance  
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arrowSoftware: Win 95/98, Win XP, OSX,
Stewart Miles writes:
Fast, Fun and Flexible modular soft synth for Win9x (and soon Win2000). Very easy to use graphical user interface allows quick creation of unique synthesisers. Even allows signals to be fedback to create burbling unpredicatble effects.

Good Points
Free, Fast, Fun, Flexible, Good User Interface, Easy to use, Allows Feedback
Bad Points
Oscillator aliasing at high frequencies

 9Bar Recordings MASS Specifications:

Digital IOs:

Max tracks: 1
Maximum Resolution:44.1K@16bit with internal processing at 64bit floating point
High/ Low / Band Pass and BandStop 12db resonant filters,
Amplifier, Multipliers, Dividers, Delay, Invert etc.
Filetypes supported:
*.msl *.wav
Hardware supported:
MIDI, DirectX, MME

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