Crazy Tube Circuits Splash 3 Reverb Pedal

Analog and digital circuit verb   28-Sep-15

    MP4 21:48 mins    

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3 Reverb - This small Greek company have released a third version of their "studio quality reverb" in a small footprint. The analog and digital aspects of this pedal add a certain something to the signal, even without any verb dialed in. We've seen this phenomenon in the Echoplex EP3 preamp which many artists swear by as a preamp sweetener, indeed that's even become a "thing" in its own right with preamp emulations available without the echo. The analog circuitry in the Splash MK 3 does provide significant levels of drive too and can really add a lot of colour to your basic tone.

In the reverb department, Splash MK3 has three algorithms, each with control of the Excite and Decay  to create a wide range of decays and tones. Standard reverbs are available, spring and room/hall etc, but basically where this thing shines, or indeed shimmers, is in the long, lush, ambient soundscapes that you would expect to hear from a Strymon - granted without the level of control and modulation it offers, but with the added warmth of the analog cuircuit.

One downside is that it is mono only, so you don't get the width and stereo image, but the tone is rather lovely and the footrpint is small if you have limited space on your pedal board.

Algorithm I: Exciter. From a touch of ambience to spacious pad effect, especially on extreme settings.

Algorithm II: Moderate sized reverb. From a spring style reverb up to room and hall
Algorithm III : Large reverb. From hall to ambience.

Expected in stores soon, priced at around $290/£229

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