NAMM 2023: Crazy Tube Circuits - Unobtanium - Motherload

US New stompboxes bringing old classics together      16/04/23

Crazy Tube Circuits unveiled their latest guitar pedal range at NAMM 2023, and Sonic State caught up with Christos, one of the team members, to get the lowdown. First up is the Unobtanium, a dual overdrive with different flavours on the left and right side of the panel. Users can choose from a variety of options, including buffer bypass or true bypass, stock clipping or modded clipping for extra gain, and external foot switch selection. Additionally, the pedal features an optional passive effects loop that allows for the use of other pedals between the left and right sides. 

The Motherload is another new addition to Crazy Tube Circuit's range, and it's a dual distortion pedal based on RAT and Big Muff circuits. The pedal features two distinct tone controls, which can be combined by pressing the link button to produce a wide range of sonic options. The pedals are designed in-house by Crazy Tube Circuit's team of artists.

For more information on Crazy Tube Circuit's latest range of guitar pedals, visit their website, where you can find details on each pedal and pricing information.

Unobtanium Price: 289 Euros

Motherload Price: 249 Euros

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