Klon And Dumble Sounds In One Pedal

US Crazy Tube Circuits release the Unobtanium Dual Overdrive      06/12/22

Klon And Dumble Sounds In One Pedal

Crazy Tube Circuits has introduced the Unobtanium, which they describe as a rare sonic element born out of legendary tones. A spokesperson told us, "A mythical overdrive meets the tone and feel of two iconic amplifiers."

Key Features:

  • "K" and "D" together in one box - ultra rare sonic elements that are usually "unobtainable"
  • "K-style" Channel (right side) – faithful reproduction of the original circuit
  • "D-style" Channel (left side) - 2 Dumble-voiced overdrive circuits (Steel String Singer / Overdrive Special)
  • Use K and D channels independently or in serial
  • Toggle switch or external footswitch (comes as an extra accessory) to switch between the two D amplifier voicings
  • Passive series effects loop to connect pedals between the two sections or use them separately as independent effects.

 Pricing and Availability:
€289 / £249

More information:



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