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Two For One Korg Soft Synths
Reasonstudios unmistakably 80s bundle

28-Jul-22    full story...

Reason Gets A Chord Sequencer
Instant chord progressions out now

29-Jun-22    full story...

3 Months Of Reason+ for £3
New BV-X Multimode Vocoder also included

29-Apr-22    full story...

Reason+ Pancake Day Offer
50% off the first 3 months of subscription service

01-Mar-22    full story...

Reason Gets A Bassline Generator
New MIDI player effect out now

11-Dec-21    full story...

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3 Maverick Synth Makers who Did it for Themselves 

Innovation is the main focus for these builders.

6 Instruments Fatally Flawed at Release 

These synths took a little time to reach their potential

New developments for Waldorf's M 

Waldorf's hybrid synth has quite the development story

The Magic of 1980's Pinball Soundtracks 

Suzanne Ciani's captivating sci-fi soundscape

Never too old for techno

Presentation: Bitwig Studio 5.2 Update - In depth 

New Compressor, EQ, precision editing, and more

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With a lot of utillity

5 Firmware Updates that Totally Changed the Game 

Revisions that turned synths into brand new machines

Moog At The Super Bowl 

The Avila Brothers talk about their journey to the recent Super Bowl Halftime Show

How Influential Were The Yellow Magic Orchestra? 

Overview of boundary-pushing electronic group

5 Minutes With - Wavesequencer Hyperion 

Modular soft-synth

Computer Music Chronicles: The Amiga as a Guitar Pedal 

Older Music Machines & the People Who Still Use Them