Two For One Korg Soft Synths

US Reasonstudios unmistakably 80s bundle      28/07/22

Two For One Korg Soft Synths

Reasonstudios are offering two distinctively 80s soft synths for the price of one in their Korg Synth Bundle. They'll be on offer until July 31st. Here's what they have to say: 

Add the warm, organic, unmistakably 80s synth sound and vibe to your songs in seconds. The Korg Synth Bundle is a must-have for synthwave artists, but equally great for any song or genre that needs the analog synth feel, with warts and all.

The Korg Synth Bundle includes the Mono/Poly and Polysix, two stunning RE synths packed with expertly designed factory presets, and created by Korg themselves.

Mono/Poly for Reason uses Korg's proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to precisely model the electronic circuitry of the original analog instruments, capturing the exact sound and parameter responses of the original units.

The Mono/Poly was a monophonic behemoth with polyphonic capabilities that many musicians felt was the best analog synthesizer Korg ever made. We've improved upon its functionality in this software version by adding 8 powerful virtual patches for near infinite modulation routing, plus 16-voice unison and up to 128 voices.

The Mono/Poly offers rich sounds which cover everything from deep basses to soaring leads and fine arpeggiator patterns to riveting soundscapes. Mono/Poly for Reason contains classic analog synth sounds plus modern sounds that are sure to inspire the music of the next generation.

Polysix for Reason uses Korg's proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to precisely model the electronic circuitry of the original analog instruments, capturing the exact sound and parameter response of the originals.

In addition to faithfully replicating the sound of the original, the Polysix for Reason also adds enhancements such as 32-voice polyphony (max), up to 16-voice unison (with detune/spread function), flexible external modulation settings, MIDI clock synchronization, and a spread function that adjusts the spaciousness of the effects.  This neoteric functionality brings the classic Polysix up to date for use in modern music production.

The Polysix programmable six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer was introduced in 1981. With a full-sounding voice structure, chorus/ phase/ ensemble effects and performance functions such as arpeggiator, and unison, the Polysix became a world-wide hit. Its distinctive string and pad sounds are often heard to this day.

The interface provides reorganized knobs and switches that resurrect the Polysix in a contemporary "rack-mountable" form for even more intuitive operation and sound-creating versatility.

Both are on offer together for £48, which is the regular RRP for one. 

Find out more about the bundle here:


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