Reason Gets A Chord Sequencer

US Instant chord progressions out now      29/06/22

ReasonStudios have announced the release of the Chord Sequencer, the latest player device for the DAW. It'll work out some chords from what you've inputted in your track, and help you make decisions about where the music is going. It offers a chord suggestion feature with bold, daring and unexpected progressions which work in a musical key. It comes with over 50 chord sets built by seasoned musicians, with 15+ styles and genres - adding up to over 800 chords. Here's some info from their site: 

Chord Sequencer is the fastest way to new chords and new chords means you making tons of fresh and exciting music. Whether you're already a skilled player but stuck in your chordal ways or still learning how to master the keys--the magic of Chord Sequencer is that it will help you find new chords that your fingers may not naturally gravitate towards.

Don't know how to play a big arena voicing of a m9 chord or the jazzy coloration of a dominant 7? Looking to change up your vibe and explore the harmonies of anything from Jazz to Pop to EDM or Classical? Just load up Chord Sequencer in your rack and get access to those chords instantly.

With its unique chord suggestion feature, Chord Sequencer will help you understand which chords fit together and which don't--helping you to build vibrant chord progressions and get more musical ideas started. Whenever you play a chord, you'll see different the chord pads light up, with different shades of green indicating how "appropriate" each chord is as a next step in your progression. Whether you want to play it safe or start breaking some rules, Chord Sequencer will guide you every step of the way.

Chord Sequencer is a serious creative boost for exploring new chord ideas, curated by real musicians, but still leaves you with full creative control over your sound. You can edit the chords, add new chords of your own and build your own chord progressions using the inbuilt sequencer to get exactly the vibe you're looking for. Your new chord progressions can be exported or recorded as MIDI directly to your sequencer in any DAW, but you can also use Chord Sequencer's Playback feature to play your chord progress in sync with your song.

Chord Sequencer comes pre-filled with over 50 chord sets built by seasoned musicians, spanning 15+ styles and genres--from Gospel to Pop and EDM to Neo-Soul. Each Chord Set is comprised of 16 interesting and perfectly curated chords for you to explore, so with over 900 new chords to dive into--you'll never be lacking inspiration for your next song.

Chord Sequencer is included as part of the Reason+ subscription or if you already own Reason and would like to buy a Chord Sequencer license, you can buy it separately. More info here:


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