Microphone With Autofocus For Your Voice

US LEWITT's RAY dynamically adapts your levels and tone according to your distance from it      18/04/24

LEWITT has released what they say is the first microphone with autofocus for your voice. Here's their press release about RAY...

Imagine recording vocals was as easy as taking pictures with your phone. RAY is the first microphone to make this a reality. Featuring LEWITT's new sensor-based technology called AURA, RAY dynamically adapts your levels and tone according to your distance to the microphone. It's like autofocus but for your voice. Instead of making perfectly sharp pictures, you're getting perfectly balanced recordings.

With the groundbreaking AURA Technology and "MUTE by Distance" feature, RAY completely changes how we interact with a microphone. And with its "Record-Ready" sound, voice recordings for podcasts, streaming, content creation and music production become easier than ever.

Changing the microphone rules with LEWITT's AURA Technology.
RAY overcomes major limitations that conventional microphones share – to ensure consistent sound quality you need to keep the proper distance and avoid moving around. Usually, when moving close to a mic, your sound becomes loud and boomy, known as the proximity effect. When moving away, your levels drop, and your sound gets thin. For satisfying results, you need to adapt to the microphone. RAY changes these rules with AURA, a sensor-based technology that precisely adapts your level and tone depending on your distance to the microphone.

With AURA on, you don't need to adapt to the microphone anymore, it adapts to you. You can move naturally and focus on your performance while creating flawless recordings. Results are astonishing, especially when recording your voice for podcasts, content, live streaming, and music production.

Even with AURA off, RAY serves as a high-end spec studio microphone that delivers outstanding recording quality as RAY is based on LEWITT's best-selling LCT 440 PURE.

A new way to mute for streaming and communication
RAY also gives you a dedicated mute button with clear visual feedback, a feature unseen in other XLR microphones, yet the real magic lies in the revolutionary "MUTE by Distance" function.

Push a button to easily set a specific distance at which RAY will automatically mute/unmute your signal. Now, you can confidently step away from your desk, knowing your audio will be muted or go live as you approach the microphone. It's a game-changer for your live performance, stream and content alike.

How does it sound?
RAY embodies the signature LEWITT "Record-Ready" sound that artists, creators, and renowned studios have come to adore. This "Record-Ready" sound makes recording easy and gives you a finished sound from the start. The only thing you need to do is press record. No wonder the LEWITT sound is the first choice for producers and engineers working with artists like Justin Bieber, The Rolling Stones, Halsey, Post Malone, Kehlani, Yngwie Malmsteen, or Doja Cat, be it in the studio or on stage.

Analog signal path and high-end studio specs
A 1-inch true condenser capsule is the "gold standard" for detailed vocal recordings. RAY's gold-sputtered capsule comes with a cardioid polar pattern that records everything in front of the microphone while rejecting sound coming from behind.

With an incredibly low self-noise of just 8 dB(A), and the capability to handle sound pressure levels of up to 131 dBSPL, RAY will ensure your performance is never limited on the technical side.

Besides its outstanding sound quality, RAY uses a completely analog signal path and a gold- plated 3-pin XLR connector to integrate it to your current audio setup. All features are powered via the 48V phantom power coming from your audio interface or preamp.

Compact and camera-friendly design
RAY's compact design perfectly integrates with the included shock mount which reduces low- frequency rumble and structure-borne noise. The camera-friendly pop filter attaches magnetically to the shock mount, ensuring it stays in place. This clever pop filter makes it easier to show your face to the camera, read a script, or view a screen while using the microphone.

RAY opens many possibilities previously unheard of for podcasts, streaming, or performances, and it's clear that AURA technology is something everyone will want in their microphones in the future.

Pricing and Availability:
RAY comes with shock mount and magnetic pop filter and is available for $349 / €349 / £299 worldwide from the 17th of April.

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