Gearfest UK 2023: Lewitt Connect 6 Futuristic USB Interface

US With DSP, loopback and more      16/07/23

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We spoke to Martin from Lewitt at Gear Fest 2023, where he showed their unique USB audio interface. The Lewitt audio interface has an  unconventional design and versatile connectivity options. It features XLR jack combos, balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, an AUX in, and a USB-C connection. The interface is designed for desktop users who engage in streaming, podcasting, and content creation. It offers an extensive in and out routing system, virtual channels, and two separate mix options with maximizers for optimal audio levels.

The interface also includes on-board DSP effects such as an expander, compressor, and equalizer to enhance the signal quality. With its 96 kHz sample rate and preamps capable of up to 72 dB of gain.

 It is priced at £259 

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