Organic Eurorack Voltage Generator

US ADDAC System and Monotrail Collaborate on Random Bézier Waves      02/04/24

Organic Eurorack Voltage Generator

ADDAC System has announced its latest Eurorack module, ADDAC507 - Random Bézier Waves. They say that this organic voltage generator for Eurorack modular systems is the result of an inspired collaboration between Rijnder Kamerbeek (aka Monotrail), who conceived of the module, and ADDAC System, which made it a reality.

Here's more details from the company...

Bézier Waves is a straightforward random generator with interpolation between random points - making it behave something like a complex, ever evolving, LFO. The module contains two identical smooth random voltage generators - each with its own frequency, level, offset and curve control. The Frequency control sets a steady pace with which bipolar random voltages are generated, and the Level control works like an attenuator/VCA at the output stage - reaching from maximum output to closed. Meantime, the Offset control allows shifting of the entire wave up and down on the voltage range, and the Curve control determines the shape of the interpolation. The bipolar activity on the main outputs as well as gate outputs are visualized with LEDs.
"I love organic voltages, because interesting sound design is all about adding depth, character and emotions to sound," said Rijnder Kamerbeek. "The Random Bezier Waves can turn a simple patch into an evolving story, add a lot of depth and movement to sound, make sounds struggle and twist, and easily be the heart of entire generative patches. In a nutshell, the module is designed to be a very easy to use source of organic voltages with good control."

Pricing and Availability:

ADDAC507 Bézier Waves is available now for €280

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