Eurorack Module Mimics Ocean Movement

US ADDAC System releases the Swell Physics ADDAC508      19/01/24

ADDAC System has announces its latest innovation in Eurorack modular synthesis: the Swell Physics ADDAC508. This is what they have to say about it...

Swell Physics follows the highly regarded ADDAC503 Marble Physics, and features a new simulation of a physical system - to start, imagine you are in a small area in the middle of the ocean.
In this imagined area, we place four equally spaced buoys - anchored to the bottom in such a system that we can control the spacing between the buoys. Now imagine that we can control the elements and agitate the waters at will, which in turn will make the buoys move up and down as the water surface moves. Finally, imagine the buoys would wirelessly transmit their absolute height directly to your module outputs - where they would be mapped to a voltage signal!

Pricing and Availability:
ADDAC508 Swell Physics is available now, and priced at €320.

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