New Noise Engineering Eurorack Arpeggiator

US Opp Ned is a four-channel arpeggiator with customizable patterns and CV control      25/03/24

Noise Engineering describes Opp Ned as a four-channel arpeggiator designed for creating patterns that can be modified with CV. They tell us that Opp Ned comes with 12 pre-programmed arpeggios, including tetrads, major, pentatonic major, minor third, and pentatonic minor arps, but the Load/Edit/Save functionality makes it easy to create your own custom patterns. Factory presets can easily be restored at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

A spokesperson said, "Opp Ned features four outputs that can be individually advanced: a reset input to keep all your patterns in time and a Transpose input to easily create changes on the fly. The octave range, arpeggio direction, and pattern of the arp are all configurable, and all settings are CV-able. Other controls include configurable octave range and arp direction. Arps have never been easier than with Opp Ned"

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