BAF 2024: Noise Engineering - Alia Series Modules

US Noise Engineering expand their Alia range of oscillators      28/01/24

We Met Marcus from Noise Engineering at Buchla And Friends 2024 and he gave us an overview of their new products, including the Alia series of oscillators. The Alia series features their four classic oscillators - Basimilus Iteritas, Manis Iteritas, Cursus Iteritas, and Ataraxic Iteritas - all redesigned with the ability to swap firmwares. This allows users to try any of the six available firmwares and easily switch between them on their website. Marcus also demonstrated the Debel Iteritas and Incus Iteritas modules, offering FM and percussive-oriented sounds respectively.

In addition to the Alia series, Noise Engineering also presented two prototype modules. The first is Pax Digitalis, a quantized random source with four channels, allowing users to create randomized sequences with adjustable deviation and direction, as well as the ability to loop and change scale. The second prototype is Sinc Seq, an arpeggiator that provides the flexibility to build custom arpeggios, save them, and cycle through them with triggers. Release dates and prices for these prototypes are yet to be announced

Alia Modules Price: 389 USD


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