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US Polyverse Filterverse Public Beta promises filter types never heard before      21/03/24

Polyverse Music has released the public Beta of Filterverse which they describe as a groundbreaking audio filter plug-in that offers filter types never heard before. They say that it seamlessly blends bleeding-edge innovation with meticulous attention to detail and sets a new benchmark for filters.

A spokesperson told us, "From the classic to the exotic, Filterverse opens a portal to previously unimagined possibilities. Whether you know exactly what you want to hear, or aim to discover an entirely new sound, Filterverse makes dialing it in easy and inspiring. Begin your journey of exploration of sonic dimensions beyond imagination. Enter the Filterverse."

Here's more details direct from the company...

Choose from classic, fat, saturating filters like Swiss Army Knife or the sweet-sounding Bread and Butter, linear, transparent filters like Clear Glass, extremely steep brick wall filters, exquisite multi-peak creations such as Ripples and Double-Slit, cyberpunk filters such as Robo Comb, and other audio effects including our Tempolay rhythmic granular delay and Space -- our elastic and lush reverb.

Filterverse features a highly intuitive interface for assigning its 8 modulation sources: Meta Knob, sequencer/LFO, ADSR, envelope follower, randomizer, pitch detector, MIDI/CV input, and audio-rate oscillator. Sources can have multiple destinations and destinations can have multiple sources. You can cross-modulate sources with each other, stereo modulation is easy to access, and none of it requires any menu-diving!

With three slots you can populate with any filter or effect you like, absolute sonic flexibility is ensured. Freely drag filter tabs to change their position, and pick serial, parallel, or combination setups in the routing tab. One or two clicks can provide instant inspiration and busting creative block. Panning, phase, and mid-side controls per filter let you further sculpt the sonic image.


  •     Massive filter collection from timeless to futuristic
  •     Refined algorithms capture filter behavior in minute detail
  •     Many filters self-resonate and create pleasing saturation
  •     Optimized for audio-rate modulation
  •     Combine 3 different filters using extensive routing options
  •     8 different modulation sources available at once
  •     Stereo modulation, panning and Mid/Side processing
  •     Modulators can cross-modulate each other
  •     Hundreds of presets by world-renowned producers
  •     Intuitive user experience focuses on immediate results

Pricing and Availability:
$79. This version of Filterverse is a public beta. This includes any forthcoming updates including the full commercial release -- beta adopters will not need to pay to upgrade to 1.x versions.

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