Chorus With A Warp Mode

US Modalics releases Time Oddity Chorus      07/03/24

Modalics has released Time Oddity Chorus. A spokesperson told us, "Whether it's bringing life to a guitar track or adding immersion and movement to a synth pad, Time Oddity Chorus transforms the ordinary into a panoramic soundscape, ensuring every instrument resonates with depth and character."

Here's an explanation of the plug-ins controls direct from Modalics...

The 'Color' knob stands as TOC's centerpiece, encapsulating a spectrum of tones from gentle whispers to wild waves in a single, intuitive control. This carefuly crafted feature effortlessly shapes the chorus effect's character.

Surrounding the color knob are 4 waveform types, each with it's own character and movement type, the combination between these selections and the color knob creates endless variation that is easily explorable.

The 'Voices' control is a key feature of TOC,  adding layers of depth and dimension. From singular, focused modulation to a lush chorus ensemble, this feature unlocks a diverse range of auditory textures

Warp Mode takes TOC's modulation depth to a whole new level, this little toggle opens up the door to wild and imaginative sound design, perfect for lo-fi detuned guitars or tape like flutters.

TOC's Filters section might seem straight forward, but it holds carefuly tuned filters with suprisingly musical flavors.

The 'Damp' knob is a complex filter of our own design, meant to warm up the processed signal and smooth out any artefacts so TOC sits perfectly in the mix with any instrument.

Pricing and Availability:

On sale at $29 (Regular price: $39)

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