Modalics Releases MINDst Drums

US A highly detailed sampled drum kit and sampler engine      21/11/23

Modalics, known for Beat Scholar and EON- Arp, tell us that they are diving into a new territory with the release of MINDst Drums (pronounced "Mindset Drums"). THey describe MINDst Drums as a multi-layered, highly detailed sampled drum kit, loaded with Modalics' new MINDst sampler engine- an engine specifically designed to deliver their innovative sampling methodology.

Modalics founders Eyal Amir & Or Lubianiker told us, "MINDst is an acronym for Mechanically Inspired, Natural Dynamics, Sampling Technology- it's a natural continuation of our journey with Modalics. Before forming Modalics, we made our impact in the world of plug-ins with our uniquely musical approach to sampler design, we feel like we've been gearing up for this release for years... MINDst Drums is just the first in what we hope is a series of highly intelligent, authentic sounding virtual instruments, all of which will utilize the MINDst engine we developed".

Here's the full details direct from the company...

The secret to the sampler's unique feel starts with research, Modalics got together their long-time musical collaborator and drum guru Doron Giat and set out to explore the nuances and micro-details that create a truly heartfelt, groove- filled drum performance. The research resulted in extensive sampling and algorithm design, destined to recreate the emotion and depth that Doron puts into every drum and cymbal hit.

Variety & Authenticity :
Each drum and cymbal was sampled entirely from complete silence as well as from previous resonance, with each hand and in a multitude of velocities and round robins. MINDst's engine delivers the most accurate samples for the situation automatically, according to the users MIDI input, with the result being exceptionally lively sounding drums. Even when listening to the same beat for a long time, MINDst delivers a convincing performance and contains ample variety to keep your ears fresh and interested.

Drive the Session :
In addition to the samplers contextual automatic selections, there are plenty of ways to impact the drumming performance and design your own ultimate drummer, from choosing where to hit the snare (3 fully sampled zones), deciding if the hi-hat played with 1 or 2 hands or even if your drummer is right or left handed! These options may seem nuanced, but they are exactly the kind of attention to detail that sets MINDst Drums apart from other samplers.

Expertly Curated Sonic Palette:
We sampled Doron's one of a kind DW custom kit, paired with cymbals of his own design. This hand picked, carefully curated instrument selection is the result of decades of experience. We set out to find a remarkable kit that is just made to make your tracks shine, then we captured it with unmatched attention to detail. This kit was selected due to it's versatility, tight sound and harmonious resonance, delivering instant-classic takes with little to no adjustment.

Mixing Made Easy:
Last but not least, MINDst contains a robust drum mixer with built-in reverbs and effects. The mixer is easy to use and quick to master, focusing on impactful decision making and quick navigation.

The Extra Kick:
Aside from dozens of presets expertly created by sound designers, mixing engineers and cutting edge artists - MINDst also hosts a MIDI player with hundreds of grooves and useful patterns you can drag and drop into your DAW, from tight hip-hop beats to complex funk fusion madness & progressive metal.

Pricing and Availability:
MINDst is available for a limited time for only $99, with the MSRP being $149.

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