Give Your Roland SH-4D A Facelift

US releases a new series of overlays      29/02/24

Give Your Roland SH-4D A Facelift has released a new series of overlays for the Roland SH-4D  synthesizer.

Overlay designs range from classic black and white, blue, seafoam, brown, and various color-coding options to help with sound design and live performance. The one pictured above is called the Commander. All designs use high-contrast graphics and large fonts whenever possible for easy viewing in low light.  The designs also feature indicators behind the keyboard keys to help with live performance, color-coding to help identify functions associated with Pattern View and Rhythm Track editing, as well as shift function parameters.  There are also several 'cheat-sheet' notes along the bottom to help remember some of the less obvious functions.

To install the overlay, you will need to remove all of the knobs and fader caps from the front panel of your Roland SH-4D synthesizer. The install video below offers suggestions on how to remove the knobs. Once the knobs are removed, pull off the backing from the adhesive tabs on the back-side of the overlay.  Next, place the overlay over the front panel of your synthesizer and press it down around the edges, etc.  Once the overlay is in place, re-attach all the knobs and enjoy. manufactures overlays for synthesizers and other electronic instruments in small batches based on customer demand and offers worldwide shipping from Portland Oregon, USA.

Pricing and Availability:
Roland SH-4D overlays are priced at $37 US dollars each.

More information:



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