96 New Patches For Your Arturia Polybrute

US GEOsynths releases Secrets Vol 3      20/02/24

GEOsynths has released Secrets Vol 3, a bank of 96 patches for the Arturia Polybrute. As usual, all 96 Patches are demonstrated over 4 Videos so users can hear how they sound and how the Controllers, such as the Ribbon & Morphee affect the Sound. Here's what GEOsynths has to say about the set...

Presenting the latest installment...96 new Patches tailored for the remarkable Arturia Polybrute. While our previous collection, Secrets Vol1 & 2, showcased a diverse array of sounds, Vol 3 focuses more on refining tone and texture, leveraging the unique capabilities of the Polybrute.

Expect plenty of dynamic Motion Pads, slow-evolving StringPads, impactful Bass & Lead tones, alongside exceptional PolySynths and Arps.
Vol 3 is fully optimized for the latest Firmware (V3), incorporating significant enhancements such as expanded pitch and tone variation, as well as the addition of Distortion FX.

Each Patch features dual A and B layers, allowing for subtle nuances or complete sonic transformations. Most Patches are pre-configured with controller mappings, offering intuitive control over parameters like Filter, LFO rates, and Vibrato.

Pricing and Availability:
$39. Use discount code SONIC10 for 10% off.

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